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Potus Orders Deeper Investigation Into The Origins Of Covid-19



POTUS Joe Biden recently made an announcement that his administration will be boosting efforts to uncover the original source of the Covid-19 virus which has killed more than 3.5 million people worldwide. This could change the current global perception of the coronavirus pandemic, since the majority of the people in America have already accepted that the virus is a product of nature and not a man made one.

The president ordered the intelligence community to “redouble their efforts” in finding the truth about the highly-contagious virus. He gave them 90 days to come up with answers.

“As part of that report, I have asked for areas of further inquiry that may be required, including specific questions for China. I have also asked that this effort include work by our National Labs and other agencies of our government to augment the Intelligence Community’s efforts. And I have asked the Intelligence Community to keep Congress fully apprised of its work,” Biden elaborated in his statement.

“The United States will also keep working with like-minded partners around the world to press China to participate in a full, transparent, evidence-based international investigation and to provide access to all relevant data and evidence,” the president added.

US medical experts and political leaders have rejected in the past the idea that the covid-19 virus was engineered in a lab in Wuhan, China. Most people even regard it as pure conspiracy or just a figment of imagination that could only exist in science fiction movies.

A story about three Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers who got very sick in November 2019 was published last week in the Wall Street Journal. This sparked suspicions that the virus may have originated from a laboratory as a result of a leak.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization and Chinese scientists provided a report that maintained that the deadly virus most likely evolved and was transmitted from animals into humans. The lab leak hypothesis was widely considered as improbable.

According to the president, even the intelligence community is divided on this issue.

“Here is their current position: ‘while two elements in the IC lean toward the former scenario and one leans more toward the latter – each with low or moderate confidence – the majority of elements do not believe there is sufficient information to assess one to be more likely than the other,” Biden said.

The president has been putting some heat on China to be transparent about the facts, however, White House senior coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt claims that the communist-led country is making matters more difficult for international investigators.

“It is our position that we need to get to the bottom of this, and we need a completely transparent process from China. We need the WHO to assist in that matter. We don’t feel like we have that now,” Slavitt said.

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