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Portland Antifa Thugs Are Attacking Christian Prayer Events Now



On Sunday, a prayer service organized by a Christian group in Portland was attacked by members of violent extremist group Antifa. The gathering was led by Sean Feucht, a volunteer at Bethel Church.

“Members of Antifa showed up in Portland last night to threaten, harass, bully and intimidate us. A mom and her baby were tear gassed. Antifa stood 10 feet from me as we lifted our voices in praise, but we didn’t back down. We kept worshipping and God moved powerfully!” Feucht stated on Facebook.

“One member of Antifa who came to disrupt our service was SAVED giving his life to Jesus! It’s a time for a BOLD & BELIEVING church! God has not given us a Spirit of fear but of POWER & GRACE! The Church is on the move and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!” Feucht added.

Video footage of the violent attacks by Antifa thugs have been circulating online since the incident. The God-fearing citizens who attended to join their fellow Christians in this prayer event were assaulted by the criminal-minded mobsters.

Conservative journalist and author Andy Ngo shared video clips on his twitter account.

“On Saturday in Portland, antifa gathered to violently shut down a Christian group that gathered to pray. Antifa can be seen pulling apart the speaker equipment. An attendee told me children & families were attacked. Police were called but didn’t respond,” Ngo stated.

“A large crowd of Christian worshippers gather to sing the day after antifa violently attacked a small family worship event in the same location. Antifa are observing the event from afar but have not attacked because they’re outnumbered,” Ngo added in another tweet.

The Antifa cowards also tried to disrupt pastor Artur Pawlowski’s prayer service at Tom McCall Waterfront Park this previous weekend. Unfortunately for the barbaric hoodlums, they were met with resistance by the Proud Boys in attendance.

When members of Antifa started throwing smoke grenades and attempted to take apart the PA system, far-right organization the Proud Boys had no option but to retaliate with the same level of intensity.

“Antifa had threatened to beat people up and do what they do — and then they showed up and did it. The police were not even far from there and they were laughing in their vehicles and doing their thing. It’s probably hard to care as an officer in a place where they take away all your funding,” one of the attendees told reporters.

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