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Pompeo To Headline Prestigious Silver Elephant Dinner



The Republican Party will be holding a fundraiser dubbed “Silver Elephant Dinner” in North Carolina soon and former Secretary of State and Trump ally Mike Pompeo was invited to be the keynote speaker. 

The illustrious fundraising event was established back in 1967 with California governor and future president, Ronald Reagan, as its keynote speaker. Since then, “Silver Elephant Dinner” has been graced by some of the most prominent GOP leaders such as Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rick Santorum as keynote speakers.

“He’s looking forward to coming down to South Carolina, being able to deliver some red meat and speak his mind — without having to worry about being a diplomat. He delivers substance,” State Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick said in an interview with The Associated Press.

There have been rumors recently that Pompeo might run for president in the next elections, however, the former CIA director has already stated last month that ““Only the Lord knows where I will be in 2023.”

Pompeo’s experience as House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, House Committee on Energy and Commerce among others, makes him one of the most qualified to lead the nation. The former army officer was appointed by Donald Trump to lead the Central Intelligence Agency, a job reserved only for the best of the best.

Even with his unmatchable accolades, it is still not sure whether he will pursue the seat in the White House due to his loyalty to Donald Trump, to whom he had a very fruitful personal and working relationship. They have achieved so much together and it is still unlikely that Pompeo will challenge his former boss.

Earlier this year, when Twitter decided to cancel Trump, Pompeo immediately came to defend the latter.

“Silencing speech is dangerous. It’s un-American. Sadly, this isn’t a new tactic of the Left. They’ve worked to silence opposing voices for years. We cannot let them silence 75M Americans. This isn’t the CCP,” Pompeo stated.

If Pompeo ever decides to run for president, one thing we can be sure of is that he will continue the work that he started with Donald Trump. His loyalty to the latter is valuable and we can expect a type of governance much better than what we have now. 

“I will never stop fighting for America First, even after my time as Secretary of State. There is always more work to be done and I look forward to continuing to share and engage with you on what’s next,” Pompeo stated before he left office.

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