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Police Prepare for Another Hot Summer of Violent Street Clashes as U.S. Reopens



Police departments around the country are preparing for a spike in street clashes between left and right-wing groups ahead of the expected loosening of coronavirus restrictions and enduring political tensions in flashpoint cities.

Police, researchers, and hate group watchdogs told The Liberty Buzz that summer 2021 could bring with it a new surge in activity, echoing the violent scenes of last summer amid racial justice protests and attempts by far-right groups to spark a second civil war.

President Joe Biden’s call for unity has so far fallen flat. GOP lawmakers are mobilizing against many aspects of the new administration, such as the strong pushback against the Democratic-proposed coronavirus relief package.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theories like QAnon continue to poison political discourse, leveraged by hate groups to recruit more people to their cause.

Emboldened under former President Donald Trump, these far-right groups have marched in cities around the country attacking and threatening opponents. But they are meeting with far-left groups stirred by the Black Lives Matter movement, the resurgence of American fascism, and Republican defeats at the polls.

Last year’s protests were historic but may have been bigger if not for the coronavirus pandemic. Much of the country remains under some level of restrictions, though Biden has expressed hope that Americans will be able to celebrate July 4 together.

America’s vaccination project is yielding results, businesses are looking to the future, and Americans feel safer returning to normal.

Coronavirus and the resulting chaos have invigorated those on the far left and far right. America’s great reopening is an opportunity to show they aren’t going anywhere.

Some QAnon followers—those who believe Trump is at war with a shadowy cabal of international, devil-worshiping pedophile cannibals—have marked summer as their next best hope for a military coup that will restore Trump and begin executions of so-called “deep state” figureheads.

Trump ally and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell—who played an unexpected but prominent role in the former president’s chaotic and doomed bid to overturn the election results—excited QAnon believers this week by claiming the former president would be back in power by August.

“Trump will be back before Summer,” wrote one user on “The Patriot Voice” Telegram channel, which has more than 5,600 followers. “This summer is going to be insane!” said another on a QAnon Telegram chat with more than 30,000 subscribers.

QAnon believers have been disappointed before; none of their outlandish predictions of coups, mass arrests or executions have come to pass. Telegram and Gab groups are full of frustration at the lack of progress, and some are marking summer as the final straw.

“I think if we dont see clearer pics of this by SUMMER its time TO RISE UP for a Revolution by the people for the people and with the people,” one QAnon user wrote.

Another said success would “take everyone going to the capital. It’ll probably happen in summer if things aren’t fixed in my opinion. When enough Americans have nothing left to lose.”

Law enforcement officers arrest a driver who pulled a handgun on protesters after they broke his trucks lights on March 28, 2021 in Salem, Oregon.
Nathan Howard/Getty Images



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