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Vote Fraud Allegations Philadelphia Leader Election Of The Gop Debunks Trump On Fox News



A Philadelphia election official has dismantled claims of voter fraud in his city made by President Donald Trump and other Republicans during an interview on the president’s favorite network.

Al Schmidt, who is one of the three Philadelphia city commissioners responsible for the voter count, had described earlier in the week how claims made about voter fraud were “fantastical” which “have no basis in fact at all.”

On Wednesday, Schmidt had told CNN that “not a single” dead person had voted in the Keystone State’s biggest city after his team investigated such claims which had been made by Trump and other Republicans. In a tweet, Trump described Schmidt as a “so-called Republican (RINO)”, who was “being used big time by the Fake News Media.”

But a day later, Schmidt repeated his points refuting the claims of voter fraud, this time on Fox News.




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