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Pennsylvania, Michigan Officials Say No Proof Dead People Voted In Elections



There is no evidence to claims made by President Donald Trump and some key Republicans that dead people voted in Pennsylvania and Michigan, officials in those states have said.

Trump has said without proof that the election in which President-elect Joe Biden has been projected as the winner, had been undermined by fraud because a number of people voted using the identities of the deceased. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Lindsey Graham have also repeated the claims.

The theory has also been amplified by social media as exemplified by a tweet shared over 18,000 times repeating the unfounded claim stating people who lived through the Civil War had voted.

“A similar complaint was brought before a PA court—and soundly rejected,” a statement by the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General said, according to the Associated Press.

This graphic shows the closest U.S. election races since 1892.



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