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NoKor tests anti-aircraft missiles ahead of UN meeting



The North Korean communist regime led by Kim Jong-un continues to confuse the international community with its world peace charade. Unfortunately for the rest of the globe, behind this curtain of civility is a rogue nation that is hell-bent on souping up its war arsenal. Critics are quick to point out that the hermit country is currently facing nationwide hunger and economic devastation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change catastrophes. 

In an attempt to mend ties with South Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has entered an agreement with its rival state, to restore the hotlines that they severed months ago. Pyongyang lambasted Seoul for allegedly being double standards in their approach to weapons development. The restoration of the two Koreas’ hotline is light years away from reunification, but at least the risk of war is lessened dramatically.

“The South Korean authorities should make positive efforts to put the north-south ties on a right track and settle the important tasks which must be prioritised to open up the bright prospect in the future,” reported Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Pyongyang’s official news agency.

The free world shouldn’t put down its guard however, as the communist regime’s actions have been contradicting their promises of world peace with their recent missile tests. Ahead of the postponed UN Security Council meeting on North Korea, the DPRK did another round of missile tests once again. 

The launch of the anti-aircraft missile was reported by the state-controlled KCNA, even bragging about their new weapon’s “remarkable combat performance.” Last month, NoKor launched a long-range cruise missile, and earlier this week tested a hypersonic vehicle for gliding. Kim and his generals seem intent on amping up their war capabilities even as the rest of the world is putting in efforts to give aid to the North Korean people.

The supposed meeting, which was initiated by the United States, Great Britain, and France, was meant to address North Korea’s weapons development. However, it was held up by NoKor’s allies Russia and China, who requested to be given more time to study the matter.

Due to its burgeoning weapons programs under the leadership of Kim, the international community has imposed multiple sanctions on North Korea to prevent the nuclear-capable, paranoid totalitarian state from creating worldwide mayhem in the future. 

In a nightmare-inducing sidenote: some of the missiles that they’ve recently acquired are said to be capable of reaching the US mainland.

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