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Nikky Haley Is Trying To Win Back Republican Support



After falling out of Trump’s favor after criticizing the former president over the January 6 Capitol Riot, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has been actively making moves to gain back the support of her party mates and conservative supporters.

She has been praising Donald Trump again, even expressing fondness for her time as a diplomat under the Trump administration. For the past months, Haley has endorsed some female Republican candidates and even met with House conservatives on Capitol Hill. In fact, she is also slated to headline the Iowa GOP’s yearly Lincoln Dinner in Des Moines this week.

Although Haley hasn’t announced anything about her candidacy yet, it is obvious that she has plans to run for a higher position in government. Some even speculate that she might run for president, an idea that she didn’t fully deny. In an interview back in April, Haley has stated that she will not run for president if Trump decides to do so.

The GOP is divided however in their assessment of Haley and offered different points of view regarding the first ever female governor of South Carolina. 

“Trump won’t let it happen. She tried to criticize Trump over the election fraud accusations and then she tried to make up for it. You can’t do that. You can’t be two places at once,” veteran Republican strategist Keith Naughton said.

“It’s a big mistake to underestimate her. Nikki knows what she’s doing — she knows how to pick her battles and when to pull back, and I think she’s very much in tune with where the party and the grassroots are at,” a South Carolina Republican who preferred anonymity, stated.

“I think Nikki Haley is very strategic and well-positioned. She came out of the administration in a better position than she went in, which certainly can’t be said of everybody. “I think that there are a lot of different segments of the party that really like her. And I think she has a unique story, which is important in presidential politics in order to stand out,” said Sen. Marco Rubio’s former aide Alex Conant.

Whatever her real plan may be, Haley will have a hard time getting the support that she needs even if she successfully mends her ties with her former boss Donald Trump. Aside from the fact that Trump is gradually gaining back his popularity and will be a formidable presidential candidate in 2024, a poll made back in February shows Haley’s very weak following when she came in fourth place, garnering only 3 percent of the votes.

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