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Nigel Farage Believes America Can Defeat Socialism Like Britain Did



Recently, Nigel Farage, the main proponent of UK’s Brexit, had a successful “America’s Comeback” Tour in the United States. The political commentator and former member of the European Parliament tackled a host of issues including his country’s triumphant match against socialism.

“Socialism in England right now is unconscious on its back on the floor. We’ve beaten socialism, too, and you know something? If we can do that, against the entirety of the global establishment, America can come back and score fantastic wins, too,” Farage said on Newsmax TV.

Farage also slammed the “horrible proposals from the Biden administration,” but focused more on spreading a more positive message to the people. He also talked about the challenges that England has faced just to achieve independence from the European Union’s grasp, while taking jabs at former Prime Minister Theresa May.

“We got Brexit in 2016, and you know, three years later, Brexit hadn’t been delivered. And we had some of the left-wing media boasting the Brexit was never going to happen, and you know what we did? We launched a massive grassroots fight back. I led that fight back. We smashed the establishment in the European elections,” he said.

Farage’s warm reception in the United States is not without any hindrance as the leftists and the wokes of the country are not pleased with his presence in American soil. Some immature hoaxers have even tried to book fake tickets to his event, just so they could troll the British politician.

“The left just make up fake news the entire time such is their loathing and hatred of those of us that believe in national democracy,” Farage said.

The event was attended by about a thousand people who share the same disdain for cancel-culture and communism.

“Really uproarious mood and of course Brexit, the Trump phenomenon, they are all part of the same thing we are fighting common enemies.Yet what you get are these ridiculous cancel culture mobs putting out lies on Twitter that no one is turning up and all the rest of it,” he added

“I have been touring now for five weeks, it has been very successful. Big audience every single night,” he concluded.

In his promotional video for the recently-concluded event, Nigel Farage had words of encouragement for his American brethrens: “Don’t get down, don’t get depressed, don’t get disillusioned, however bad Biden and the Democrats are.”

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