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NC’s First Black Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Triggers Democrats During House Hearing



While President Biden still has the South Dakota July 4th Mount Rushmore fireworks display on hold under the guise of keeping people safe during the coronavirus pandemic, there was nothing whatsoever he could do to prevent the fireworks that were on full display earlier today during a House Subcommittee hearing on the Voting Rights Act and alleged voter discrimination.

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R), who is the first African-American to hold the position in the state, tore into Democrats during his opening statement, calling it “preposterous” and “insulting” to suggest black Americans weren’t capable of understanding how to go about obtaining a valid form of voter ID in order to cast their votes.

He also correctly pointed out how, contrary to the claims of Democratic leaders, Democrats aren’t really committed to respecting all black voices. He cited a recent example involving a visit Vice President Kamala Harris made to North Carolina to back up his point:

It was later during the hearing when, as you might imagine, things got especially interesting and, shall we say, “chippy” after an exchange between Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) and Robinson on the Republican track record on abolishing slavery, and passing voting rights and civil rights legislation. After Roy noted how preposterous it was for House Democrats to suggest Republicans are trying to revive the Jim Crow era considering their history of opposing such racist and discriminatory laws that were put in place by Democrats, Robinson again lit into the Democrats on the panel.

Watch below what happens after Robinson tells Democrats it’s Republicans who have been on the right side of history, and to please “stop using me, as a black man, as your pawn … to push your agenda. I’m sick of it.” A number of Democrats on the subcommittee became triggered, including Subcommittee Chair Steven Cohen, a southern Democrat who no doubt read between the lines of what Robinson had to say and got the message:

Sen. Ted Cruz watched video of the exchange and responded accordingly:

Yes, especially when Democrats get reminded of their sordid history of literally and figuratively relegating black Americans to the back of the bus.

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