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National Security Official William Evanina Addresses China Cyberthreat



Early in August, William Evanina, a national security official who served as Director of the United States National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), spoke before the senate select committee on intelligence. He addressed the growing Chinese cyberthreat and possible ways to combat it. 

“Iran and North Korea continue to pose a challenge to the U.S. particularly from a cyber perspective. However, the existential threat our nation faces from the Communist Party of China (CCP) is the most complex, pernicious, strategic, and aggressive our nation has ever faced. I proffer that the U.S private sector has become the geopolitical battlespace for China as a baseline for this comprehensive and nefarious behavior,” Evanina stated.

Putin, Raisi and Jong-un are among the most dangerous enemies that the United States have today, however, Evanina is accurate in his statement wherein he designates the communists in Beijing as the ones that pose the most danger to our sovereignty.

“Our economic global supremacy, stability, and long-term vitality is not only at risk, but squarely in the cross hairs of Xi Jinping and the communist regime. It is estimated that 80% of American adults have had all of their personal data stolen by the CCP, and the other 20 percent most of their personal data. This is a generational battle for XI and the CCP, it drives their every decision, particularly geopolitically. How to counter and push past the U.S. is goal number one for the CCP,” Evanina elaborated.

The century-old Chinese Communist Party has established itself as the sole ruler of China and they did this by subjugating their people. Deprived of freedom, the people of China suffered under these despots. But the communist bullies are not satisfied with the power that they currently possess and they will do everything they can to bring down our great nation.

“The proverbial salt in the wound of all this nefarious activity is when the CCP steals our thoughts, ideas, patents, and technology, and manufactures that same technology in China, and then sells it back to American companies and around the world,” he said.

Evanina is one of the select few who has served under the FBI and the CIA, and he knows what a real threat is when he sees one. Besides, the CCP is well-known in the international sphere for their repressive way of governing over their people.

“In closing, I would like to thank this committee, and the Senate writ large, for acknowledging the significant threat posed by China, not only by holding this hearing, but with all the recent legislative actions the past year on combating this threat as well as driving enhanced competition. Continuing to combat the threat posed by the CCP will take a whole of nation approach with a mutual fund analogous long-term commitment,” Evanina stated.

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