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More Black Women Are Protecting Themselves With Firearms



Ever since the wokes tried to defund the police force, America has turned into a warzone. The streets have become the killing fields where homicide and violent crimes thrive. 

Just like any female, regardless of age and racial background, Black women also face so much danger in the streets every time they go out. Perverted criminals roam our nation today as the liberals force their twisted version of Democracy and sometimes the only way that the people can survive is to fight back.

That is what the second amendment is for, so we can protect ourselves from bad people by arming ourselves with guns, preparing us for any harm that can come our way.

The growing trend of black women starting to bear arms is spreading across America and that is due in fact to the increasing criminality in the streets including attacks by white nationalists.

It is however not common for Black women to be seen pulling the trigger, in fact, only 5.4% of gun-owners are black and female. Seeing them at firing ranges is a new phenomenon that has been proliferating around the nation recently. 

“Honestly, not more than one image pops up of seeing a Black woman at the range,” said Beth Alcazar, a certified shooting instructor in the Birmingham, Alabama, area and associate editor of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association.

“With more involvement in the last five years, I see Black women on almost every occasion I go to the range,” Alcazar added.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, about 8.5 million Americans bought their first gun last year and that can clearly be attributed to the weakening law enforcement that ultimately led to a spike in homicides, shootings, assault and even rape.

Our streets have become so dangerous that even a 67-year old grandmother from Detroit like Valerie Rupert has taken part in a free weekend gun safety and shooting lessons at a couple of firing ranges in the area. Rupert, along with 1,000 attendees, enjoyed the process of learning the disciplined and safe way to fire guns.

“Crime against women is nothing new. Women protecting themselves, that’s new,” said Lavette Adams, a Black woman and a licensed firearm instructor.

Soon, the bad guys are the ones who will be needing some caution when they go out and rummage at night. After all, you’ll never know when grandma Rupert will be out on the streets walking with a pistol hidden in her handbag.

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