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Mitch McConnell blasts Biden for tax hike plan



America is being swamped by so many problems at the border and in Afghanistan that our attention is being diverted from a more venomous snake in our backyard. This enemy that is bound to bite us where it hurts the most is called the “tax hike” a phenomenon that can possibly devastate our rebounding economy.

Our Democrat politicians in government have spent so much money since Biden assumed the POTUS mantle and they plan to make up for this reckless budgeting by placing the brunt on ordinary Americans. Whether it’s small business or cryptocurrencies, the Biden administration decided that it will impose exorbitant taxes to compensate for all the cash that was given away to the unemployed. 

Recently, Senate Minority GOP Leader Mitch McConnell blasted Biden and his fellow Dems for coming up with a very punishing mandate that will only hurt American businesses and compromise our nation’s economic well-being.

“The reckless taxing and spending spree that Washington Democrats are assembling behind closed doors would put more debt, more borrowing and more inflation on the shoulders of American families. It would make Washington DC dramatically more involved in families’ childcare, their health coverage, their local energy utilities, and on and on. There’s so many controversial changes being crammed into one mega bill that it must be a deliberate strategy,” McConnell stated in his speech.

The controversial tax hike plan aims to raise taxes to a degree higher than communist China’s. Imagine that. A nation that prides itself in its democracy and strong economy, losing to the most repressive regimes in modern history.

“Tax hikes that would put even more Americans into unfair double taxation of the death tax. Massive taxes on the US economy that would give us one of the least competitive tax structures in the developed world. For example, even communist China taxes their own businesses significantly less than President Biden and his allies want America to tax ours,” McConnell said.

Contrary to what a vast majority of uninformed people think, the tax hike will not only affect the rich and the much larger corporations. This tax plan will be a whip to the backs of our citizens as it will affect all people from all walks of life. Small businesses and retail investors will suffer the same fate as the laborers and consumers, as soon as the government succeeds in this burdensome initiative.

“So, huge tax hikes on Americans, expensive giveaways for coastal elites and new government snooping, snooping into families’ finances. So, Mr.President, that’s just one corner of this reckless taxing and spending spree that should never see the light of day,” McConnell concluded.

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