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Minneapolis Residents Sue the City for Defunding the Police



Street crime in the United States of America is at an all-time high. Chaos is everywhere and who will stop these violent criminals if we do not have strong law enforcement? 

Ever since George Floyd was killed by a couple of rotten apples from the police force, the people have been crying for justice and on top of that, calls to slash the budget for our men and women in blue. 

The protests that these BLM activists organize on a regular, have created more problems than solve them. It’s mayhem on the streets everytime the supporters of the cause go out there, provoking riots, vandalism and destruction of property.

But this battle cry to “defund the police” is the biggest problem of them all. It has emboldened the troublemakers and demoralized the force, leading to more crimes. Because of this, the streets are now far more dangerous than it was.

Recently, a couple in Minneapolis named Don and Sondra Samuels, organized an initiative with their neighbors to voice out their concerns legally to the powers that be. They filed a lawsuit versus the city and Democrat mayor Jacob Frey for its negligence in providing security for its constituents.

The lawsuit, which was crafted last year but got delayed, points out the city council’s move to withdraw funding from the police force. The city’s actions discouraged officers leading to a massive decrease in manpower to keep the bad guys in check.

“When the announcement was made to defund the police … that just opened the doors to a level of mayhem where taboos were erased, standards were no longer acknowledged because only the cops could be wrong – a citizen couldn’t be wrong. And so, the naivete of the leadership to not understand how the lawless community would exploit their announcement was maddening,” Don Samuels said in an interview with Fox News..

Doug Seaton, a long-time labor and employment law attorney in Minnesota, is representing the petitioners whom he says are concerned citizens that are passionately involved in uplifting the community.

“Although we support certain reforms of the police, we are absolutely opposed to defunding the police and reducing their numbers,” Seaton told Fox News.

“That’s the last thing this community needs and wants. And the violence that’s been occurring in these neighborhoods is a result of very detrimental policies espoused by certain city council members. Those policies must be stopped, must be ended. And we hope our case is the beginning of the means of doing that,” Seaton added.

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