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Michigan Woman With Covid In Coma After Giving Birth To Twins A Month Early



A pregnant woman with severe COVID has given birth to twins over a month early so doctors could treat her coronavirus infection.

Jasmine Logan is in a medically induced coma at a Detroit hospital, according to a GoFundMe page set up by her husband, Steven Logan. She fell seriously ill despite have no underlying conditions that are reported to make a person vulnerable to severe COVID.

Steven Logan, a long-haul truck driver, has stopped working to look after their five children. The three eldest children also have COVID.

Jasmine Logan gave birth to twins Serenity and Steven Jr. more than a month early on November 17, Fox2 reported.

Steven Logan told the outlet: “They were hoping by doing this, it would give her lungs the capacity they need to breathe and [they could] give her antibiotics and steroids they couldn’t give because she was pregnant.”

He said: “This was supposed to be our celebratory year. We got our first house just a few months ago, we just a got a new vehicle and we supposed to be celebrating the new addition of our twins and now it just seems like everything is in a tailspin.”

After she developed pneumonia, a lung infection that is among the complications of COVID, surgeons performed a procedure to hook Jasmine Logan up to a life support machine to oxygenate her blood.

“None of the other breathing methods were effective,” her husband wrote on GoFundMe. “Her lungs were so badly damaged that to simply breathe put too much stress on her heart and lungs which caused heart failure along with a host of many other medical complications.” They included kidney and liver failure, as well as blood clots.

He went on: “She will have a long and tumultuous road to recovery, and possibly have life-lasting complications.”

As well as the couple’s premature newborn twins, Steven Logan has been caring for 6-year-old Zarah and twins Zhavia and Zamaya, who are almost two years old.

Steven Logan wrote on the page of his GoFundMe fundraiser that he felt embarrassed asking for help.

“I work extremely hard to provide for my family and have never had to ask for financial assistance,” he said. “Yet as hard as it is for everyone right now who is affected by this terrible plague, any donations spared would be most appreciated!”

The money will go towards the family’s bills, food, and supplies for their babies. So far, the family has raised almost $10,000.



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