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Mexico Needs To Do Its Part In Solving Our Border Problems



Last month, a group consisting of 102 immigration advocacy organizations sent a joint letter to Joe Biden, blasting the president for his incompetent leadersip in handling America’s immigration problems. While biased critics slammed Donald Trump’s immigration policies when he was still in the White House, Biden has proven many times that his administration is way more inhumane and ineffective than all of his predecessors.

“It won’t be possible for Biden to provide asylum seekers with the care these organizations want them to have until he ends the surge in illegal border crossings that he caused by trying to fulfill his campaign promises. Illegal crossings have risen from 75,318 in January, when Biden took the oath of office, to 199,777 in July,” immigration law expert and writer Nolan Rappaport elaborated in his article on The Hill.

“And Biden won’t be able to end the surge in illegal crossings without help from the Mexican government to screen asylum seekers before they make an illegal crossing into the United States. Waiting until they have already made an illegal crossing obviously isn’t working,” Rappaport continued.

The chaos and disorder that Biden has sparked in the southern border is not an easy predicament to solve. Aside from reinstating most of Trump’s policies, the government also needs the cooperation of the government of Mexico to put a clampdown on illegal immigration.

“Mexico’s President López Obrador went along with the tough immigration policies of the Trump administration, such as the Remain in Mexico program, and he has expressed willingness to continue cooperating with the Biden administration,” Rappaport said.

“Biden should ask the Mexican government for permission to establish locations in Mexico for conducting expedited removal proceedings and to build facilities for the asylum seekers to live in during the proceedings — and subsequently if they are placed in the Remain in Mexico program. This would be a deterrent to illegal crossers using bogus persecution claims to gain entry and then disappear into the interior of our country; it also should reduce the number of illegal crossings,” Rappaport expounded further.

While Rappaport’s suggestions will be impactful if enacted, he admits that his ideas will not solve all of Biden’s problems. The influx of illegal immigrants in the Texas-Mexico border has gone to uncontrollable heights and it has put so much strain on our Border Patrol agents. The detention cells are already overcrowded, making it impossible to contain criminals who want to trespass into American territory. Our government must act as swiftly as it could before things get worse down at the border.

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