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Meghan Mccain Lashes Out At Biden For His Incompetence



High-profile conservative journalist Meghan McCain expressed her utter disappointment over the Afghanistan debacle by recently launching a series of vicious tirades, admonishing president Joe Biden. 

At just the young age of 36, the eldest daughter of legendary Republican senator John McCain, is already a veteran media personality who has worked with Fox News, ABC News and MSNBC. 

She expressed her displeasure over the issue through her official Instagram page.

“I am furious our President was so incompetent not to see what every expert on the planet could have seen coming. I am furious for my friends and family who have been fighting in these wars since I was 16 (many who have lost limbs, had their life terrorized by PTSD from their experiences in war and deployments, or worse),” McCain stated.

“I am furious seeing our allies and innocent Afghan citizens who trusted us are being left to be slaughtered or so desperate to escape the pure evil the Taliban will bring in that they are falling out of f***ing planes,” McCain continued. 

Meghan McCain lambasting the president is quite surprising since she and her father had a great relationship with Biden. In fact, they even supported the latter despite belonging to opposite sides of the political spectrum. The failure of the administration to properly handle the withdrawal in Afghanistan is just too embarrassing that McCain can’t hide her frustration anymore.

“This is not who America is, this is not the values this country was founded in. Our veterans deserve better, the innocent Afghan people and our allies and translators who have stood by us for the past 20 years deserve better. The shame, dishonor and embarrassment the Biden administration has brought to our country will take generations to undo,” she stated.

Fearing that this colossal mistake by the incompetent administration will only lead to a more terrifying form of terrorism, McCain didn’t hold back and stated that the president is not qualified to lead the nation. She also blasted the president’s staff and his party mates for their lack of concern for the catastrophic pull-out of our troops in Afghanistan.

“Biden is unfit to lead and I am nothing short of disgusted he and his staff can’t seem to be bothered to leave their vacation during an international crisis of our own creation. There should be an emergency congressional hearing before more innocent lives are lost. My heart is broken, this tragedy will absolutely haunt our country,” McCain said.

“Democrats like to wax poetic a lot about what my dad would have done and said (most of the time reinventing some weird fantasy of who he was). Let me tell you one god damn thing – he would be raging in public and to President Biden about this withdrawal in Afghanistan. Raging,” McCain added. 

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