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Mccarthy Holds Presscon More Comprehensive Than Biden’s



On the 1st of July 2021, House Minority GOP leader Kevin McCarthy held a press conference to shed light on a few important matters that have been happening to the United States recently. 

First and foremost, he talked about the tragic incident in Florida, wherein a condominium that collapsed claimed lives and injured others.

“I want to take a moment to acknowledge and bring attention to the gut wrenching scenes we have seen coming out of Florida, since that building first collapsed more than a week ago. Okay. We mourn the loss of the 18 lives who’ve perished, including the two children, ages just four and 10, whose bodies were found just yesterday…I also want to thank all the first responders,” McCarthy stated.

McCarthy also shifted the topic to Israel, the people that they sent to help in the Florida tragedy. He then touched on the problems that the predominantly-Jewish nation experienced at the hands of the terrorist Hamas and the support that America is obliged to grant to them as allies. McCarthy would also throw jabs at the Democratic Party for their failure to cooperate in these trying times for Israel.

“I want to thank Israel for sending over their team as well. I know they’re working round the clock. I know it’s tedious work and I know it’s difficult. But I want them to know that we appreciate it as well. Just moments ago, I made a unanimous consent request on the house floor to fund Israel’s critical Iron Dome defense system,” he said.

“Israeli Government requested resources from the United States to help them replenish the weapons system supplies and equipment, which is vital to protecting the Jewish State from terrorist attacks. As many of you know, the Iron Dome, is a defensive protection. We watched the number of missiles come just a few months ago. I made the request alongside Whip Scalise, ranking member Granger, McCall, and Rogers. Considering Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East, this measure should have received unanimous consent,” he continued.

“House Democrats had an opportunity to show a sharp contrast from the anti-semitic rhetoric and actions taken by some of their own members, but they didn’t. Their caucus rejected this proposal and turned their backs on Israel instead. I have a real concern with what the Democrats are turning their back on, not just our ally, but also I feel turning our backs on America,” he added.

McCarthy did well in delivering a comprehensive report that was more complete than most of president Biden’s press conferences. Throughout his time on the microphone, he also touched on the need to hold China accountable for the spread of the virus, inflation and the surging criminality in America, the seemingly never ending immigration crisis at the border, booting out Liz Cheney from her leadership post, and Nancy Pelosi’s politicization of a variety of issues.

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