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McCarthy addresses America’s economic problems at recent press conference



House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy recently held a press conference wherein he touched on a variety of issues including the country’s economic problems. 

A staunch ally of president Donald Trump, McCarthy blasted the Democrats and their liberal policies that have further burdened the American people. Still reeling from the financial meltdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the citizenry is already bracing themselves for the impact of a brutal inflation. 

“61% of Americans know what is causing inflation. The Democrats and their policies because even 40% of the Democrats believe that their own policies are creating this inflation. Whether this bill is 4.5 trillion, 3 trillion, or 1.5, the Democrats proposal will worsen inflation, continue to harbor and harm our labor shortage,” McCarthy said.

“We cannot afford this. Not ever, and especially not now. Americans are finding life today much harder than they did just a short year ago. If you go to the grocery store, it’s going to cost you $200 more over the course of the year. You’re being warned that you got to shop for Christmas now if you want to be able to get anything,” McCarthy continued.

As a result of the Federal Reserve’s irresponsible printing of dollars and the Biden administration’s wreckless budgeting of funds, the people will be struggling under one of the worst cases of inflation in our nation’s history. Not only will the Holiday Season become a less happy event, the financial suffering of every American will carry on until the rest of 2022.

“Every time you go to fill up your gas, it’s 42% higher. With the winter months around the corner, you’re being told to brace for heating bills that will cost 54% more. Could you imagine being in America today that tomorrow will not be better than today, but tomorrow will cost you more than today? And by all accounts, economic conditions are expected to continue to deteriorate. When confronted with the reality Americans are now facing, Democrats want Americans to lower expectations,” McCarthy stated.

The Republican politician also acknowledged the legitimate threat that climate change is bringing to an already-changing world today. He commended the efforts of the government and the people, in curbing America’s carbon dioxide emissions. However, McCarthy reminded us that we need to balance things and make sure that all parties, including China, should follow suit in the fight against global warming and pollution. 

“Well, I think climate change is a real challenge for us. And the one thing I firmly believe, everybody has to participate. You’ve watched what America’s been able to do by lowering our CO2. We’ve done a tremendous job and we’re able to do it by becoming energy independent at the same time. You need all the above. And if you look at what the Republicans have been able to offer, we’re going to solve this problem by utilizing technology, not by putting restrictions on people. You got to hold people accountable. And if you’re going to allow China to continue to produce and America not, it’s going to put us in harm’s way,” McCarthy elaborated.

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