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Matt Dolan Gauges Ohio’s Open U.S. Senate Seat



Recently, GOP state senator Matt Dolan has announced the launching of #OhioMatters, a statewide listening tour that he will use to gauge whether he will run for Ohio’s open U.S. Senate seat. The listening tour will kick off today at a luncheon to be held at Lake County Republican Headquarters. For the next couple of weeks, Dolan will then make his rounds in Ashland, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Lorain, Lucas, Mahoning, Ottawa, Trumbull and Wood counties.

Known in the past as the “nicest meanest person,” the former member of the Ohio House of Representatives has cast himself as a pragmatic leader, even comparing himself to outgoing Republican Sen. Rob Portman and President George H.W. Bush. His toughness, matched with statesmanship, was on display in an interview yesterday.

“I will not be shy about taking a conservative perspective into a room with President (Joe) Biden. If you do your homework and you know your issues, you can bring people closer to your side. I’m aggressive, conservative. I get things done,” Dolan stated.

He also mentioned the name of former president Donald Trump, a GOP whom he supports and looks up to, especially when it comes to his work ethics.

“Do I have the personality of Trump? No. But I tell you I have the passion of the former president,” Dolan said.

“To be in any business you have to come to a meeting prepared. Not only do I have to know what I believe; I have to know what you believe. That’s how you drive people to your position. You do your homework,” Dolan continued.

Dolan’s family is well-known in sports circles as the owners of Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball. Being exposed to a baseball organization has helped in giving him an insight to handling businesses and the workforce. It has also provided him the value of working with different kinds of people, regardless of ideologies and political affiliation.

“There had to be a balance between protecting Ohioans and protecting Ohio’s economy. We can quibble over whether we should have done something sooner or quicker, but on the whole, I believe we did the right things,” he said.

“My personality isn’t to win by calling people names and win by tweeting all kinds of nonsense. I’ll work with people whether they are conservative Republicans or Democrats. If you aren’t prepared to meet with people, you aren’t doing your job,” he added.

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