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Marjorie Taylor Greene Touts Roll Call Tactics Deemed ‘Shenanigans’ by GOP Colleagues



Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said she will continue leading roll call votes that force every member of the House to weigh in on bills, despite some fellow GOP lawmakers criticizing the “frivolous” move as counterproductive.

Greene on Saturday defended her continued roll call votes, which have angered members of both parties and been described as innocuous delay tactics. The Georgia congresswoman declared “I am now the chairwoman” of a committee that she invented by fenagling what are typically rudimentary floor voting rules.

In February, House Democrats stripped her of committee assignments after comments surfaced in which she called for the execution of Democratic members of Congress.

Greene touted how “relevant” she has become since she started holding the controversial roll call votes, which she acknowledged are directly intended to “stop Congress from passing legislation” in general.

Marjorie Taylor Greene reacts to the crisis at the border and the loss of her committee assignments. @mtgreenee @CarlHigbie

— Newsmax (@newsmax) March 27, 2021

“Republicans aren’t getting anything done on committees right now anyways,” Greene told Newsmax, ridiculing the recent passage of the $1.9 trillion stimulus relief package as a “blue state Biden bailout.”

“So what I’ve done is I’ve put my action into the rules and procedures on the floor, that is called the committee of the whole and I am now the chairwoman. I sit in there and I call for roll call votes on bills that come across and America doesn’t know that most bills get voted in with a voice vote, with a handful of members of Congress simply saying ‘yay’ and ‘nay’…as a business owner I believe in accountability and I believe members of Congress, including myself, should vote on every single bill.”

Greene highlighted how she and “a couple of my colleagues” on the House Freedom Caucus were able to reduce 28 suspension bills on Congress’ docket down to just five. She reiterated that all members of the legislative body should vote on all bills, without exception, and described any bills being passed by the current Democratic-majority Congress as wasteful tax-dollar spending.

“And that’s why I’ve been in there calling for roll call votes so that everyone, Republican and Democrat can see where their representative stands on every issue and it’s been very effective,” she said. “Anytime you can stop Congress from passing legislation, which is a bunch of spending, and right now it’s a bunch of bloated, progressive, communist policies, then I think I’m doing a very good job for the entire country.”

But several of her GOP colleagues have criticized her skewing of the congressional voting rules, labeling her tactics as random and unnecessary. Some Republicans said that her actions are blocking bills which have GOP support as well.

“I think this is an end result of what the House has become, what the posture of the House has become,” Illinois GOP Representative Rodney Davis told CNN on March 9, following her first implementation of the voting delay procedure. “I think what you’re seeing with a lot of the shenanigans on the floor is because so many members have so much time on their hands.”

On March 10, Greene held a roll call vote on a series of suspension bills and forced House Democrats to delay votes on 13 pieces of legislation that had bipartisan support. She made a similar legislative move in an attempt to slow the passage of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, which ultimately passed earlier this month.

The Liberty Buzz reached out to Greene’s office Saturday afternoon for additional remarks.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican of Georgia, doesn’t want to be in Washington, D.C., and called it a “sh–hole.” Greene leaves her office on Capitol Hill on February 4 in Washington, D.C.
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