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Legendary Heavyweight George Foreman Affirms His Love For America



Whenever the topic of American excellence in sports is brought up, the names Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Tom Brady always comes up. This is not surprising since the aforementioned athletes really dominated in their respective sports. However, we sometimes overlook a pugilistic legend named George Foreman, a heavyweight who unconditionally poured his love for America through his fists. 

Now at 72, Foreman is best remembered for his battles against the likes of Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, Ken Norton and Evander Holyfield, to name a few. However, his contribution to America, goes beyond the realm of professional and entertainment sports. Foreman is a national treasure who represented the United States at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics and took home the gold medal, a feat that brought utmost pride to our country.

Recently, the boxing titan appeared on FOX & Friends with host Brian Kilmeade and he confessed his undying love for the country that nurtured his phenomenal abilities.

“I have always loved America. And once you fall in love just like falling in love with your wife, no one can say anything about her. The next night she is still my wife. And I’m going to stay. That’s why you make that thing ‘until death do we part.’ That’s why nothing has ever shook my faith and love in the country and when you love a country, nothing can bother you. If you are halfway in love you are going to have a lot of trouble,” Foreman said.

Foreman would then proceed to reminisce about his experience representing America and paid his respects to the organization of law enforcers who were instrumental in his and other boxers’ preparation for the Olympics. He also slammed the wave of anti-Americanism that is spreading today and dismissed it as a trend that will not last.

“It was the police who started the PAL, Police Athletic League. They taught us how to box. They would travel from one state to the other to see that we won these golden gloves tournament. They sent us off to the Olympics. I have this fond memory and love for this country and the people in this country. Nobody will ever be able to talk me out of that. That’s love,” Foreman reminisced.

“It’s all fashionable to be anti-American. It’s fashionable. People ask me what are you talking about? Can’t you see what was done then and what was done now? Can’t you see? And I tell them swiftly, you can’t talk me out of my love,” he said.

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