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Law Enforcers Killed On Duty Up By 40%



Being a law enforcer is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Aside from the challenging training regimen and the high level of discipline needed to pass the test, the life-threatening nature of wielding a badge is very real.

A police officer faces everyday danger and deals with some of the worst criminals, just to keep us ordinary citizens safe from harm. Unfortunately all that hard work and risk-taking is highly underappreciated today. 

Throughout the first half of 2021, there has been a 40% increase in the number of police officers being killed on the job. A total of 38 men and women in blue had died this year due to stabbings, gunshots and vehicle rammings, a very alarming number which serves as a reflection of the growing lawlessness in the country today.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen a troubling uptake in violence against members of the law enforcement community,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said in an interview earlier this month.

“To put that in perspective, that’s almost two law enforcement officers shot and killed every week, and that’s not counting all those officers who’ve died in the line of duty facing the countless other inherent dangers of the job, like racing in pursuit of a suspect, and dying in a car accident, or drowning in an attempted rescue, or even the scores of officers who have died from COVID-19, because law enforcement, of course, kept coming to work every day, right through the teeth of the pandemic,” Wray added.

The fact that crime has been overwhelming the people sworn to protect us, is very scary. Who will keep the streets safe, if the police themselves are becoming the victims in this violent world that we live in?

In Atlanta alone this year, the murder rate went up 58% and rape has skyrocketed to disturbing 98%. Other crimes such as car theft and aggravated assault, have also seen a dramatic rise all over the United States in 2021.

America is slowly degrading into a warzone but not all hope is lost. We can still keep our nation safe again if the citizens will put in more effort to collaborate with the police force. Defunding the police force is just making matters worse so we need to reverse that and instead provide a bigger budget to recruit more manpower. Police reform and improvement will only be achieved with the right funding and support from the people.

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