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As Colorado’s Lauren Boebert Condemns Shooting, Critics Flag Her Relationship with Guns



Representative Lauren Boebert from Colorado, renowned as one of Congress’ most ardent Second Amendment supporters, has been criticized for her comments following a mass shooting at a supermarket in her state.

A police officer was among ten people who were killed when a gunman opened fire at the King Soopers grocery market in Boulder, about 28 miles northwest of Denver, on Monday, in the second mass shooting in the U.S. in a week.

Boebert, who represents the state’s third congressional district, tweeted: “As we continue to hear the news coming out of Boulder, I’m praying for the police, first responders, and those affected by this tragedy. May God be with us as we make sense of this senseless violence, and may we unify and not divide during this time.”

Statista graphic shows gun ownership in the U.S. over the last five decades.



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