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Kamala Harris shows support for Gavin Newsom



Highly-unpopular politician Kamala Harris recently went home the Bay Area to promote her Democrat ally Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is slated to face a recall election this coming week. 

“I came home for one purpose. I always want to come home. But it was really important to me to come home today, to stand and speak in support of my dear friend, my longstanding friend, a great California leader, a great American leader, Governor Gavin Newsom,” Harris stated.

“We want in our leaders, someone like Gavin Newsom, who always speaks the truth on behalf of all the people, in a way that is about uplifting, that is about helping to understand the plight of working people, to understand the dignity of all people. That’s who Gavin is. And, guys, I’ve known him a long time,” Harris continued.

“That’s why the Republicans’ recall will fail. It is so good to be in the house of labor. It is so good to be in the house of labor. Let me tell you something, I am clear, I know Gavin is clear, it is the men and women of labor, the working people of our unions, the working people of California, who are going to show what kind of leadership they want and are going to walk their talk and make sure that this political game of this recall is defeated,” Harris added.

The outdoor rally was held in the parking lot of a union training center, and some of the most prominent California Democrats in attendance were Treasurer Fiona Ma, Democratic Party chairperson Rusty Hicks, Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis, state Controller Betty Yee,  and Congressmember Barbara Lee to name a few.

Harris and Newsom were both products of San Francisco politics before they made a name in the national scene and this alliance is a predictable move on their part. Unfortunately, the two politicians have both been experiencing unfavorable ratings for their shortcomings and incompetence, making this rally a mere consolidation of their negative image towards the American public.

In the end, the biased vice president showered high praises on her friend and even gloated a little about her recent travelling spree that was funded by taxpayer’s money.

“Let’s look at what Gavin has accomplished. He and I were talking backstage. He came in office after Jerry. And he came in with so much, in terms of what he was giving our state. And then things out of our control, any of our control, started to happen, but Gavin rose to the moment. Let’s be clear, on the issue of COVID, in this state, with the largest population of any state in the country. I’ve been traveling around the world. Larger than many countries. Gavin stepped up to the moment,” Harris said.

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