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Kamala Harris Negative Image Is Hurting The Democrats



In a PJ Media article by columnist and former talk show host Lincoln Brown, he tried to dissect the negative impact of vice-president Kamala Harris on the Democratic Party’s image. Brown’s opinion piece titled “Is the Harris Brand Poison for Midterm Democrats?“ cited the embarrassing numbers that the VP recently put up on a few surveys made by some prominent polling firms.

“Hot on the heels of the news that the Harris/Biden White House’s popularity has dipped in the Golden State, the word is out that Democrats may be nervous about the Kamala Effect on the next election,” Brown wrote.

“A recent YouGov poll showed that unfavorable opinions of future President Kamala “25A” Harris hit a rate almost double that of favorable opinions. In fact, the Daily Caller reported her unfavorable at 46%. Ditto from Real Clear Politics. And keep in mind that future former President Joe Biden’s approval ratings were down to from 56% in June to 50% as of July 21, according to Gallup,” Brown added.

Due to her inexperience and lack of action, Harris failed to deliver on a number of tasks given to her by the president. She definitely has a lot of work to do to gain the trust of the people, including those who voted for her and even her party mates. Unfortunately, this lingering bad perception of her lack of abilities and willingness to do her job, also rubs off on the people that she supports, making her a liability in their midterm campaigns.

“As of right now, I think she has the potential of doing more harm than good for some of these candidates. My sense is she’ll probably raise a lot of money and maybe she’ll go to some specific districts, but they’ll have to be really strategic with her. She doesn’t have the standing at this moment to go to a lot of these tighter districts,” a Democratic Party strategist stated in an interview.

“No one is coming out and saying she’s doing an amazing job, because the first question would be ‘On what?’ She’s made a bunch of mistakes and she’s made herself a story for good and bad,” admitted a Harris ally who preferred anonymity. 

On the other hand, political scientist Rachel Bitecofer, author of The Unprecedented 2016 Presidential Election, believes that “the reason that Harris is unpopular is that they haven’t been able to make headway against Joe Biden personally, so they really have switched their messaging strategy to focus on Harris and attack him indirectly.”

A member of “Strike Pac” which she herself describes as “a war machine for the Left,” Bitecofer can make excuses for Kamala all she wants, but the numbers prove that the people don’t like the vice president.

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