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Kamala Harris And Her Humiliating Trip To Guatemala



After 70 plus days of inaction, at long last, vice president of the United States Kamala Harris has finally made her move to address the immigration problems of the country that she is serving. Unfortunately, she didn’t go to the border in Rio Grande Valley where the influx has been out of control. Instead, she prioritized meeting with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei to talk about graft in the country and to address the Guatemalans to avoid coming to the US.

Her trip to Guatemala however, did not go on smoothly right from the start when her plane experienced some technical problems, prompting the pilots to land back to safety at the Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Harris had to switch planes and proceed to the Central American country where unwelcoming locals await her arrival.

As soon as she stepped out of the airport and into her motorcade, protesters expressed their disdain for the new VP with signs that read “Go Home,” “Trump Won,” and “Kamala, mind your own business.”

The meeting with president Giammattei was initiated so that Kamala can address the Guatemalans to discourage them from trying to enter American territory illegally. Giammattei has recently accused the US government of enticing the citizens of his country to cross the border.

Giammattei cited Biden’s confusing message to the immigrants wherein the United States president stated that his administration “are going to reunite families. And we are going to reunite children,” causing deep misunderstanding within the public. The coyotes also took advantage of the vaguely-placed message by Joe Biden and immediately gathered groups of migrant children and tried to sneak them into American soil.

“We asked the United States government to send more of a clear message to prevent more people from leaving,” Giammattei stated.

The conservative, anti-leftist president also told reporters that he is willing to extradite the criminal “coyotes” that have been profiting from illegal migration to the US, to make their trial and punishment a more swift procedure.

Harris’ trip to the Central American nation has been criticized by Republicans during its planning stages but the criticism fell on deaf ears and the vice president pushed through with the trip.

“She hasn’t even been to our southern border. She hasn’t visited the facilities where tens of thousands of migrant children have been cared for, and she hasn’t listened to the migrants’ horrifying stories of how they were treated by the human smugglers that brought them to the border,” GOP senator John Cornyn of Texas, said in a speech on the Senate floor back in March.

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