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Hurricane IDA Destroys Everything Except The American Spirit



This previous weekend, one of the strongest hurricanes in America’s recorded history, ravaged the state of Louisiana. It was so powerful that it’s surge reversed the Mississippi River’s flow. 

Hurricane Ida reminded the people of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans 16 years ago. The people have been struggling hard for the past few days to cope with the damage that the storm has caused

In these trying times, the indomitable American spirit will be put to the test. Time and time again, we have shown our resiliency to the rest of the world, and we have proven that amidst all the adversities unfolding from all fronts, we will always emerge triumphant.

Volunteers from several states are flocking now to Louisiana to offer a helping hand to the residents who were struck hard by the massive hurricane. 

“They were in desperate need of people to go down, and they had a hard time finding people to man the ERV, and so I stepped up,” said Erv Connary, a New Hampshire Red Cross volunteer.

Non-profit Christian movement the Texas Baptist Men also sent a team consisting of 40 volunteers. The organization is bringing with them a mass feeding kitchen that has the capacity of providing about 30,000 meals per day.

The American Red Cross, individuals from Alabama, North Carolina among others, have mobilized themselves to provide additional aid to the afflicted locals of Louisiana. Despite the destruction that was brought by Hurricane Ida, the volunteers bring with them a steady supply of positivity.

“To me, it’s a way of giving back all I’ve been blessed with by living in this amazing country and having the freedoms and the opportunities I’ve had,” North Carolinian volunteer Rod Dail told reporters.

“It’s just what we do. It’s what I was put on earth for. We like it, we love it, we help people. Clear the roads, take trees off houses, just help people that can’t help themselves,’ a volunteer from Alabama said in an interview.

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) deployed anti-looting teams to ensure the security of the residents and their properties.

“Looting will NOT be tolerated and encourage everyone to be good neighbors and say something when you see something,” the NOPD stated on Facebook. 

“I said this yesterday, I will say it today and I will say it tomorrow, this will not be tolerated. We have made those arrests. This is a state felony and we will be booking you accordingly. This is not the time to take opportunities of our vulnerable population right now, which we all are vulnerable at this point in time,” NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson addressed the residents in a video.

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