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Hunter Biden Proposed A Prostitute Union



Presidential middle son and well-known hedonist Hunter Biden has some of the most controversial interests for a man born under a political family. From street drugs to pretentious art, he has never failed to draw to himself, the attention that he craves so much. Recently, he has expressed his concern for the women (and men) in the sex industry, which would make us all think that prostitution might be his latest hobby.

While we admit that sex workers deserve to be treated the same way we treat other fellow humans, it is obvious that the younger Biden is focused on the things that he loves. We already know that he used to do crack, which is actually an illicit drug that’s almost impossible to quit or rehabilitate from and we also know about his shady involvement in selling his crappy art pieces (probably to support whatever new habit he has developed).

Now he wants to unionize prostitutes instead of discouraging women from taking part in the sex trade. We do want what’s best for every citizen of America and providing prostitutes more decent jobs other than their present occupation is a better solution to improving lives. 

Hunter has sold paintings to anonymous wealthy people at exorbitant prices, perhaps he can help prostitutes quit their jobs and learn how to create art instead? He has the means to save these people from their immoral and unhealthy jobs, but he chose to encourage them to stay put and probably provide him the service that he desires as a cash-strapped, filthy, drug-addled artist.

Texts recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal that he has spent tons of cash on prostitutes all over the country and even glorified their sleazy jobs. In a taped conversation with an employee from Los Angeles’s Chateau Marmont, Hunter can be heard giving some words of encouragement to the sex workers. 

“You organize without even organizing in any traditional way. If you want to advertise legally you go through the unions [of which] you’re a member. Your dues are the fees that you pay for advertising. Whomever does this first will be running the largest union in the country,” Hunter said.

 “It’s like any other job. There are parts of it that really suck. They’re tiring. There are clients that are complete pains in the ass. There’s management that can be really horrible. There’s really bad situations, of course. It’s like any other job. But they dance because they love it,” Hunter added.

The evidence was said to be discovered from an abandoned computer repair shop in Delaware and ended in the hands of Donald Trump’s allies. They were then sent to the Washington Examiner for scrutiny and publishing.

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