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Hunter Biden is a shame to America



No matter how hard the White House tries to sell their anti-corruption drive, the president’s son Hunter Biden will always complicate the government’s efforts to rid America of one of its primary problems. This is why during the presidential elections, the liberals and the Democrats did whatever they could to cover up every story related to the younger Biden. 

Aside from Hunter’s humiliating antics and other hedonistic activities, the former crack addict has also attracted attention for utilizing his father’s position in government to further enrich himself. People thought that the whole Hunter Biden controversy would just go away after the elections. However, the presidential son’s attention-hungry ways has thrusted him more into the spotlight

“Most recently, news broke this summer that Hunter Biden would begin selling paintings, with initial prices as high as $500,000. It was an extraordinary sum for a debut artist, and immediately invited concerns that people who wanted to ingratiate themselves with the president would overpay for his son’s art,” wrote Ben Schreckinger, a national political correspondent for Politico Magazine.

“The White House responded that the identities of the buyers would be kept secret, both from the painter and the public, while leaving it to the art dealer to weed out any suspicious patrons,” Schreckinger continued.

The arrangement was met with disapproval from several ethics experts, citing the exorbitant pricing of Hunter’s garbage-quality artworks. Back in August, Walter Shaub, a former head of the Office of Government Ethics, lambasted the “absolutely appalling” art transaction.

“Now, that’s a criticism of Hunter Biden, and he’s a sympathetic character, who we can feel bad for on many levels. But some of his problems are of his own making, in that he has always built his career around being Joe Biden’s son. And here he is doing that, once again. If he were a patriot—if he cared about this country—he would not want to tarnish his father’s reputation that way,” Shaub stated.

“When people think I’m blowing the Hunter Biden thing out of proportion, what they’re missing is that this is all part of a larger concern. And it isn’t really about Hunter Biden. It’s about the failure to understand that we need an ethical Renaissance in government, or we’re going to find ourselves in an even worse place than we did for the last four years,” Shaub added.

Hunter Biden is not only destroying his father’s reputation, he is putting the rest of his country in an embarrassing state by abusing the power that his family possesses. It doesn’t help that the poor aesthetic value of his paintings will end up being exhibited to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

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