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Hundreds Of Us-sponsored Journalists Abandoned In Kabul



The Biden administration can boast and celebrate its make-believe success in Afghanistan but they cannot cover up the truth that it was an utter failure. We may have succeeded in pulling out all of our troops from Kabul, but our U.S.-sponsored journalists are still stuck in the area, abandoned by our negligent government.

“It is absolutely disgraceful the U.S. State Department claimed they evacuated their local employees when in reality they abandoned hundreds of USAGM journalists and their families. Some of these journalists were given express assurances by the Biden Administration that they would be treated as locally employed staff – but were not,” Republican Texas Rep. Michael McCaul said in a statement earlier this week.

“My office was working with one of these journalists and tried for two weeks to get attention brought to his case so he, his wife, and his infant child could be saved – but our pleas were ignored. I am calling on the president and the State Department to rapidly find ways to get these people to safety and away from the threats President Biden and Secretary Blinken enabled,” McCaul added. 

Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty President Jamie Fly was given assurance that his organization will be assisted through the Hamid Karzai airport and out of Afghanistan but that promise didn’t happen.

“You would have expected that the United States government, which helped create the space for journalism and civil society in Afghanistan over the last 20 years, would have tried to do more over the last several weeks to assist journalists who made a decision that it was best for them to leave the country. But they consistently failed to do that,” Fly said in an interview.

According to reports, there are almost 600 people employed by the U.S.-sponsored news organizations under the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM) in Afghanistan. Last month, 70 American lawmakers crafted a letter calling on president Biden to help the USAGM employees and their families leave the war-torn region before the deadline. 

“We stress to you that the 550 USAGM employees and their families are no different from journalists you have already doggedly worked to evacuate. They have been and continue to be a target for the Taliban due to their association with the United States government,” the letter stated. 

Biden and his cohorts seem to have a penchant for abandoning the people who have put their lives at risk to help America in its struggles in Afghanistan. These journalists wake up everyday finding themselves in the battlefields, scouring for a piece of truth that needs to be delivered to the rest of the world. Leaving them behind would be a brazen display of ungratefulness.

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