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House GOP Leaders Demand China Accountability



In recent years, the communists in Beijing have been engaging in the business of trying to impose superiority by using any means possible. Whether they are claiming the West Philippine Sea as theirs or plunging Sri Lanka into debt, the Chinese government has shown to the world that they are the bullies and that everyone should bend to their will or face the consequences.

Even though things weren’t going their way due to their incapacity to rule even their own domain, they still have successfully brought the world down to its knees with the worldwide spread of a highly-contagious virus that is suspected to have originated from one of their research laboratories. They tried to cover it up by silencing the well-meaning Chinese scientists and medical professionals who were trying to warn the world about an impending outbreak.

In an interview with Fox news, Rob Wittman, a GOP Representative for Virginia’s 1st congressional district, slammed China for their negligence and lack of transparency. He also berated the World Health Organization’s connivance with the communist nation in covering up the truth, adding that everyone involved should be punished for their wrongdoings.

“There needs to be consequences for what China has not done and that is to allow an open, transparent and independent investigation as to what happened at the Wuhan lab. To this point they have not allowed any of this. In fact I would argue the World Health Organization is actually being complicit in helping them keep this undercover,” Wittman stated.

“We need to demand action by China and there needs to be resolved…and the resolve should be sanctions against Chinese health officials, against those have gone after scientists, those that have persecuted scientists and citizen journalists that have tried to lay open exactly what happened at the Wuhan lab…We need strong decisive action against China,” Wittman added.

Earlier this week, other Republican officials have been urging Biden to act firmly and make China pay for the COVID-19 virus that has damaged millions of American lives and paralyzed the global economy.

“The world deserves to know the truth. We need to find out why because we don’t want this to happen again,” said Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, a Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“We need to impose sanctions so they feel the pain of what they have done,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said at a Capitol news conference.

The Biden administration must not take China lightly and do what is right to make the communists accountable for the suffering that all of us have endured for the past year and a half. Unless Joe Biden and the Democrats have their personal interests with China, there is no reason why they shouldn’t punish them for this pandemic.

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