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A History Of Campaign Slogans Terrible Polked You In ’44 We Build Back Better



This year has been a terrible one for a lot of things, including presidential campaign slogans.

Jay Townsend, a Republican political consultant who has worked on four presidential campaigns, says, “At the end of 2016, nobody could forget Donald Trump‘s slogan. It worked with a lot of people. If you walked out on the street today and asked ‘What’s Trump’s slogan?’ and ‘What’s Biden’s slogan?’ nobody would know.”

This year Trump went with the defensive “Keep America Great” and the Biden campaign, after first trying out “Unite for A Better Future” and “Battle for the Soul of a Nation,” settled, somehow, on “Build Back Better.”

If “Build Back Better” is not the worst presidential campaign slogan in American history –that honor may belong to the Democrat’s 1852 “We Polked you in ’44. We shall Pierce you in ’52″– it is a part of a long line of forgettable, embarrassing or unfortunate slogans dating back to the birth of the Republic.



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