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Gop Senator Rand Paul Receives Death Threat Anew



Republican Senator Rand Paul is on the receiving end of a death threat once again. This time, it was an envelope containing white powder and a written message. The FBI and Capitol Hill police are investigating the dubious envelope which was sent to Sen. Paul’s home in Kentucky.

The letter also included an image of a “bruised and bandaged Paul with a gun to his head,” and the inscriptions “I’ll finish what your neighbor started you motherf*****” 

“I take these threats immensely seriously. As a repeated target of violence, it is reprehensible that Twitter allows C-list celebrities to encourage violence against me and my family,” Paul tweeted through his official account.

The senator explained to the media that pop rock singer Richard Marx recently tweeted his followers and “called for violence” against him. In addition to that, Marx glorified the horrific rib injuries that Rand Paul suffered after his neighbor Rene Boucher (the one mentioned on the letter) attacked him due to a spat over yard waste. Boucher was charged with assault and was sentenced to 30 days in prison.

“Now we receive this despicable powder filled letter. This must stop,” Paul said.

Rand Paul is no stranger to these kinds of threats to his life. Back in 2017, he was ambushed along with other Republican lawmakers and staff members, by a gunman named James T Hodgkinson. The incident seriously injured Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise and seven others, including a couple of police officers.

In 2018, Paul recounts in an interview how “this man had threatened to kill me and chop up my family with an ax,” referring to a man that the police had arrested recently for sending him death threats.

“It’s just horrendous that we’re having to deal with things like this. I’ve had a year where it’s becoming more and more aware that we have these real threats out there. I can’t go anywhere without security. I can’t even go to church without being worried about someone being there,” Paul added.

“The whole country needs to take a step back. Look, I never have had a cross word with Democrats. People need to not think our political differences have to end in violence,” Paul concluded.

Fast forward to today and the senator is again facing threats to his life. Rand Paul may have unique opinions on various matters and it is understandable that there will always be detractors when a politician is outspoken. However, the violence being inflicted, either verbally, physically or psychologically, is just too unnecessary for a civilized society like ours.

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