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Gop Senator Rand Paul Blocks Iron Dome Funding



Earlier this week, Republican senator Rand Paul blocked the US Senate from approving the planned $1 billion funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense program. While Paul understands that we need to give our utmost support for Israel, he believes that we should derive the funds from a source that will not affect the American people. In this case, Paul suggests that we use the money intended to be donated to the Afghan government instead, since the war-torn country is now being ruled by our former adversaries, the fundamentalist group known as the Taliban.

“I think the American taxpayer dollars that pay for it should come from money that could go to the Taliban. That money, I think, could be spent on the Taliban, if we do not rescind that money,” Paul continued.

“The justification for my proposal for paying this is simple. Only an economically strong United States can be a militarily strong ally of Israel. I support Israel; I’ve voted for hundreds of millions of dollars to support Iron Dome. I am glad the United States has a strong bond with Israel. But the United States cannot give money it does not have, no matter how strong our relationship is,” Paul added.

Although the Iron Dome funding bill is still expected to become a law, the delays caused by Paul’s dissent will make the voting a steeper hill to climb for the Democrats. President Biden is just awaiting the senate’s decision on the bill, which he will definitely approve in a heartbeat.

“Democrats are the ones who blocked Dr. Paul’s proposal to fully fund Iron Dome using money that would have otherwise gone to the Taliban. All Republican senators supported Dr. Paul’s proposal,” A spokesperson for Paul said in an interview.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, Bob Menendez, a Democrat, denies Paul’s allegations that the proposed $6 billion Afghanistan aid will land on the coffers of the Taliban. He also emphasized Israel’s severe need for protection against the extremist group Hamas.

“Let me be clear, and echo what the Administration has said: No US foreign aid will go to a Taliban-controlled Afghan government. This does not mean that we remain any less committed to supporting the Afghan people,” Menendez said on the Senate floor.

“Senator Paul’s amendment would undermine US national security, it would abandon the Afghan people in their darkest hour, and it would betray the American people’s commitment to supporting our Afghan allies,” Menendez added.

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