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GOP members have all the right to support the LGBT community



Democrat politicians and their avid woke fanbase often dismiss the Republicans of being close-minded, old-fashioned bigots who don’t care about the rights of the LGBT people. The premise that our GOP leaders are intolerant of the sexual and cultural preferences of their fellow Americans is purely an exaggerated story being spread by the Dems.

Our nation’s founding fathers clearly emphasized personal liberty as one of the most important traits of democracy. When the Republican Party was established in 1854, it consisted of members who opposed the expansion of slavery. The Grand Old Party was an enemy of bigotry and its founders espoused ideologies that center on respect for individual freedom.

During the previous Pride Month, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel expressed her support for LGBT people and embraced their increased integration into the Republican Party. Shortly after McDaniel’s posts on twitter, she was immediately attacked by both the Left and the Right.

In her recent opinion piece on the Columbia Missourian, writer Cameron Gehler shed some light on our nation’s history of tolerance towards various races, genders and beliefs.

“There is no room to argue that the Fathers were supportive of LGBT rights. LGBT rights, or even marriage law, was not that pertinent of a topic in the founding of our country — if it was, then surely it would have been discussed in the Constitution,” Gehler wrote.

“Sexuality and marriage as we have defined and studied them today would have been completely alien in colonial times as colonists were mainly concerned about the societal and religious norms of marriage at the time. However, if conservatives scrape down to the fundamentals of conservative values, they will find unequivocable support for LGBT people, as well as encouragement for welcoming them into the GOP,” Gehler added.

The United States Declaration of Independence, which contains near-infallible wisdom, serves as the robust foundation that our country needed to become a world superpower. Included in this pronouncement is the emphasis on human rights, which became the centerpiece of Abraham Lincoln’s policies. According to the declaration, “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is a right that is granted to every citizen of America, and that includes people of color and the LGBT community.

“The Declaration of Independence makes no distinction between religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. So, where possibly could the modern conservative garner information to suggest otherwise?” Gehler said.

“If the modern conservative views our rich philosophical tradition in this light, then it only makes sense to support McDaniel’s support for LGBT citizens. The core of what the American conservative believes is liberty. From this innate liberty is the recognition of individualism and rebuking the idea that a government can tell its citizens they cannot pursue happiness based on said liberty. Accepting this as a timeless truth, it only makes sense to welcome LGBT people to the Republican Party and conservative platform. This will not diminish our value of the Constitution or love of America— instead it will increase our conservative base in protecting the very liberty we cherish,” Gehler added.

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