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Global Investors Lose Trillions Due To The CCP’s Despotic Treatment Of Chinese Companies



In a recent article on conservative online magazine The Federalist, prolific writer and political commentator Helen Raleigh gave an in-depth insight on the Chinese Communist Party’s despotic treatment of entrepreneurs in their country and its ill effects on some of the most successful businesses in China. 

She also disclosed the massive funnelling of funds into Chinese businesses, all coming from around the world, including America. Unfortunately, the oppressive behavior of China’s communist government has recently caused so much suffering to international investors.

Raleigh is an immigrant from China who found a better future in the United States as the owner of Colorado Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Red Meadow Advisors, LLC. Aside from her contributions to The Federalist and Fox News, Raleigh’s views have been widely published on outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, National Review, Newsweek and New York Post. She is also the author of thought-provoking books such as “Confucius Never Said” and “Backlash: How Communist China’s Aggression Has Backfired.”

“International investors who have poured trillions of capital into the shares of Chinese companies have suffered their most significant loss since the 2008 economic crisis,” Raleigh wrote.

“The CCP launched a series of crackdowns on China’s largest technology firms, private education companies, and food-delivery companies in recent months,” Raleigh stated.

“It all began with last November’s abrupt cancellation of Chinese tech giant Alibaba’s affiliate Ant Group’s $37 billion initial public offering after its founder Jack Ma criticized Chinese regulators in a conference. Ma hasn’t made many public appearances since then. Some suspect he is under house arrest. Investors inside and outside China were left to face losses worth billions,” Raleigh elaborated.

The fact that the CCP can silence even one of the most world-renowned entrepreneurs like Jack Ma is very scary. Here in the United States, the person that they are trying to suppress is an influential businessman who is much loved for his perseverance and work ethic that made him a giant in the industry.

The crackdown on tech companies is just the start of more subjugation by the CCP as they also cracked the whip on the private education sector. This level of despotism leaves global investors zero chances of recovering the billions of dollars that they have put into Chinese companies.

 “Unfortunately, global investors have little recourse to hold the CCP accountable and recoup their losses because of the type of shares of Chinese companies they own. Since Beijing bars foreigners from taking ownership in what it deems strategic sectors of the Chinese economy, many large Chinese companies created offshore holding companies or variable-interest entities (VIEs) to raise capital from foreign investors,” Raleigh explained.

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