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Georgia’s Brian Kemp Is One Of The Most Hardworking, Open-minded Governors Today



Recently, the Associated Press caught up with Republican governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, to touch on a number of issues including his accomplishments, the COVID-19 pandemic, public safety and 

“I think just our resiliency to fight through COVID, but also the record. We have so many good things to talk about, the great economy, still the No. 1 state in the country for business. We’re setting records right now and have been during the global pandemic with economic development. We have the lowest unemployment rate of the 10 most populous states in the country. That’s a testament to us trying to do two things: protect lives and livelihoods,” Kemp replied when asked about his achievements as governor.

“We also have a great agenda that we pushed on education. We have the largest teacher pay raise in state history. We’ve done away with ridiculous amounts of high-stakes testing that was stressing our kids, our parents and our educators. Public safety is a huge issue. People are scared to death, especially in the city of Atlanta. We’ve done as much as anybody in the country when it comes to not only ending human trafficking, but also supporting the victims. We want to continue doing that work,” Kemp added.

Kemp was one of the governors who pushed to ban critical race theory from being taught in public schools. Believing that students shouldn’t be indoctrinated and learn from an accurate version of American history instead. He was all praise for the State Board of Education when they unconditionally opposed CRT last month.

The Republican governor has been stereotyped by Democrats and other liberals recently as a bigot with obsolete ideals. He says in the interview that this unfair portrayal does not bother him that much because he knows that it is far from the truth. In fact, Kemp’s administration is teeming with diversity as he has appointed the first African American female superior court judge in Gwinnett County, the first Hispanic constitutional officer and the first Asian female to the state Supreme Court. 

Kemp is one of the most hardworking and open-minded governors in America today, it is just unfortunate that the propaganda being spread by the Democrats against him is overshadowing his accomplishments. Once you get to know more about his life as a private individual, it will be easier to believe the good things that he has done for his constituents.

“Look, I am a hardworking country guy, (been) in agriculture and farming. I’m proud of the rural roots that I’ve developed over the years. I tell people all the time I’ve been on the back of a backhoe, but I’ve also been in the boardroom. That’s actually good for our state because parts of our state are very different, (and) you need somebody that can relate and resonate with all of those factions,” he concluded.

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