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George W. Bush attends 9/11 memorial ceremony in Shanksville, PA



G20 years ago, our beloved homeland was attacked by the nefarious terrorist organization known as al-Qaeda and since then, the lives of Americans have never been the same. The freedom that we cherished since our founding fathers established this great nation, was compromised and our resilience was ultimately put to the test. 

At the center of the battle to uphold our dignity is Republican president George W. Bush, a leader who was much-maligned in the Middle East and Afghanistan for his “forever wars” which was intended to rid the world of terrorists such as Osama bin Laden, the architect of the attacks on that ill-fated day of September.

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, former president George W. Bush spoke in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, as part of the memorial ceremony for the victims of the World Trade Center tragedy and the brave soldiers who took part in bringing justice for our beloved country. Bush also gave high praises for the courageous citizens who risked their lives to save their fellow Americans from further harm during the 9/11 attacks.

“For those too young to recall that clear September day, it is hard to describe the mix of feelings we experienced. There was horror at the scale of destruction and awe at the bravery and kindness that rose to meet it. There was shock at the audacity of evil and gratitude for the heroism and decency that opposed it. In the sacrifice of the first responders, in the mutual aid of strangers, in the solidarity of grief and grace, the actions of an enemy revealed the spirit of a people; and we were proud of our wounded nation,” Bush said.

“In those fateful hours, we learned other lessons as well. We saw that Americans were vulnerable but not fragile, that they possess a core of strength that survives the worst that life can bring. We learned that bravery is more common than we imagined, emerging with sudden splendor in the face of death. We vividly felt how every hour with our loved ones was a temporary and holy gift, and we found that even the longest days end,” Bush added.

The attack on our sovereign state sparked a two-decade war in Afghanistan, which led to the toppling of the extremist group the Taliban and finally, the death of mass murderer and al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Under the weak leadership of president Biden, we must be wary of our detractors and be vigilant at all times, for we must not allow such a tragic catastrophe to threaten our freedom once more.

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