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George P. Bush Ready For Massive Texas Showdown



Carrying the legacy of the Bush family, George Prescott Bush, has recently announced his intention to run for office and will commence his campaign this week. The son of former two-term governor Jeb Bush of Florida, is the last member of the Bush political dynasty and holds administration experience as Texas land commissioner.

Coming from a lineage that includes two presidents, his grandfather George H.W. Bush and his uncle George W. Bush, it is only fitting that he follow the footsteps of his predecessors.

While it is not yet clear which office George P. Bush will run for, it is most-likely that he will face Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. It will be a massive Texas vs Texas GOP showdown if it pushes through.

“We need new leadership in this high statewide executive role. I’m taking a very serious look at attorney general,” Bush told Fox News back in April.

During an interview with Dallas radio host Mark Davis last month, Bush took a jab at his would-be opponent’s recent controversies. “There have been some serious allegations levied against the current attorney general. Personally, I think that the top law enforcement official in Texas needs to be above reproach,” Bush stated.

Bush was referring to Ken Paxton’s corruption allegations and felony trial for securities fraud, which has remained unsolved throughout his time as attorney general. Paxton maintained his innocence regarding the matter.

However, the main advantage that Bush has over his opponent does not lie in these allegations but more on the support that he will be receiving from Donald Trump. Even though Trump has verbally sparred with the critical members of the Bush clan, George P. Bush has maintained his tight relationship with the former president. By staying out of his family’s problems, he can work things out independently and do what’s good for the nation.

To the delight of Trump-loving, Republican-supporting Texans, Bush recently tweeted “Great to speak with President Trump to discuss the future of Texas and how we are keeping up the fight to put America first. I appreciate the words of encouragement and support. Big things coming soon!” 

Paxton also happens to be an ally of Donald Trump but his legal battles might not sit well with the former president. This is why Paxton is putting more effort into making his presence felt by attacking Joe Biden more often since he was elected president.

“The Biden administration has failed us too many times. I am pulling in all my resources to stop him from destroying our country,” Paxton said on twitter.

Political experts and campaign strategists believe that Trump’s endorsement of Bush will be a deciding factor in this race. Despite the lack of experience, the political neophyte has a great chance of emerging victorious in 2022.

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