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Free speech is being threatened in our college campuses



Freedom of speech is an important birthright that every individual enjoys as a citizen of the United States. Our founding fathers made sure that our constitution will protect all Americans against any assault on our personal liberties including expressing one’s thoughts through any available medium. We are a free nation that espouses democracy and this system has allowed our people to progress by breaking barriers in the realm of thinking.

Nowadays however, things are changing for the worse. What used to be a fundamental right, has turned into a conditional privilege and our youth is the victim. Schools have become too restrictive and this form of mental slavery will greatly affect the next generation.

According to a recent survey by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, about 60% of college students admit that they are encountering difficulties in expressing their personal opinions in school. Conservative and Republican students are resulting in self-censorship just to avoid the aggressive hostility of the liberal students in their campuses.

Students are not the only ones who have been victimized by the barbarism that some of the wokes are perpetrating. When political scientist Charles Murray was invited to Middlebury College, an enraged mob of left-wing rallyists attacked the conservative public speaker and a female professor who later on required a neck brace, as a result of the violent onslaught.

Recently, Republican senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee wrote a joint op-ed expressing their concerns over the degradation of free speech in our college campuses.

“Whereas schools once prided themselves on fostering free and open debate, today they create “safe spaces” to shield students from difference, diversity of opinion, and dissent. Courts have struck down many oppressive speech restrictions on college campuses—notably tiny “free-speech zones” that schools use to corral street preachers and  protestors—but this has not stopped colleges and universities from fighting tooth and nail to preserve their speech codes,” the GOP senators wrote.

“If colleges want to fulfill their responsibilities to this country and justify the enormous public support we give them, they must lead by example. We all have a duty to help young Americans become better citizens and we should start by teaching them to respect and embrace freedom of speech wherever they encounter it,” they added.

The future of America is in the hands of our youth. We must do whatever we can to protect them and make sure that they will continue to enjoy free speech. Without this precious freedom, our nation will not be able to continue in its quest to forge a brighter tomorrow.

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