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Frederick, Maryland, Shooting: Police Respond to Active Shooter, Multiple Victims



Police were on the scene of an active shooter in Frederick, Maryland, and there are reports of at least two victims and a dead suspect.

Frederick police confirmed on Twitter that they responded to an active shooter in the 8400 block of Progress Drive. The shooting occurred at Nicolock Paving Stones, according to WJLA, and a SWAT team was deployed.

After the initial shooting at Nicolock Paving Stones, the suspect drove away from the scene and to Fort Detrick, a military installation in Frederick, Allan Etzler, a public information officer for the Frederick Police Department, told The Liberty Buzz.

Etzler said that there was a shooting at Fort Detrick, but both victims were found at Nicolock. At a press conference, Dwight Sommers, chief of the Frederick Police Department, said the suspect, who he identified as a 38-year-old man, made it onto Fort Detrick and was shot by the military installation’s personnel.

When Frederick officers arrived at Fort Detrick, lifesaving measures were underway, but they were unsuccessful.

The Liberty Buzz

Etzler confirmed to The Liberty Buzz the shooter is dead and that there is no longer a threat to the public or a need for places to enter into a lockdown. Both victims are adult males and were flown by helicopter to a hospital in critical condition, according to Sommers.

The U.S. Navy confirmed to the Associated Press that the suspect was a Navy medic. The police chief called it “premature” to comment on any relationship the suspect may have had with his victims and he wouldn’t comment on whether the suspect has military connections. However, it’s something he said they are very interested in learning and that detectives are working on identifying.

“It’s terrible. It’s unfortunate. It’s very tragic. It’s happening too frequently,” Sommers said. “Every time we’re turning on the tv we’re seeing this happening and now it’s happening in our backyard.”

This story has been updated to include comments from Allen Etzler, a public information officer for the Frederick Police Department.



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