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Father Of The Black Teenager Killed By The Chicago Police Officer Demands The City.



Antonio LeGrier sued the city of Chicago on Monday, following the death of his teenage son, Quintonio, at the hands of the Chicago police over the weekend.

The 19-year-old was shot and killed by police responding to a domestic disturbance call. LeGrier called police for help after his son, who had suffered mental health issues, started carrying a metal bat through their apartment.

Chicago police have offered limited information about the incident, but described the teen as a “combative subject” who caused the confrontation that led an officer to shoot him.

It remains unclear how Bettie Jones, LeGrier’s 55-year-old neighbor, was shot and killed. The mother of five was looking out for police officers to arrive at the request of LeGrier’s father. Police called her death “accidental.” Her daughter, Latisha, says her mother was shot in the neck.



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