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Ex-negotiator And Trump Ally Adam Boehler Shares His First-hand Knowledge Of The Taliban



Trump-appointee Adam S. Boehler is one of the few Americans who had the chance to sit down with Islamic fundamentalist group the Taliban. The Wharton School magna cum laude was the first CEO of the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, but it was during former president Donald Trump’s time in the White House, that Boehler became involved in public service. At one point in his career in government, he negotiated with the Taliban.

“It was a surreal experience to meet the Taliban. I sat down with them for talks twice alongside U.S. Special Representative Zalmay Khalilzad in Spring 2020. Make no mistake, they are a very tribal militia, but they are disciplined and operate as serious negotiators,” Boehler divulged in Fox News opinion column.

“Despite their appearances, I always took them seriously and I never forgot that I was sitting across from fervent terrorists. In the trying times ahead, we must understand the enemy we face with no illusions,” Boehler continued.

Understanding these extremists indeed proved vital to the success of their peace talks during the Trump years. Boehler saw how the Taliban rose from the ashes of defeat and regained their strength, an information that the Biden regime failed to address.

“The Taliban are patient. After being routed by NATO forces in 2001, the Taliban regrouped and mounted a growing insurgency despite the death of scores of its leaders. Many of the Taliban’s leaders and members taking power today are brutal and steeled men who have fought for decades,” Boehler said.

While the former negotiator respects the abilities of the Taliban, he doesn’t trust the group and believes that as soon as the world’s attention is diverted to other issues, they will impose their austere version of the Sharia Law. The organization’s harsh interpretation of their beliefs and ideologies scares away their own citizens, causing them to flee the war-torn nation.

We can try to help the Afghan people, but our role now in this mayhem is now severely limited. America has its own troubles right now and we should prioritize the safety of our people still stuck in Afghanistan.

“The message we send to the Taliban should be straightforward: if Americans are harmed, we will hold their senior leadership directly responsible. That should be reiterated with a clear warning that if any Americans are killed, you will not live long enough to celebrate. We can be sure that the next message to the Taliban’s fighters would come swiftly and plainly: Leave Americans alone,” Boehler concluded.

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