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Evangelical ‘Prophet’ Claims Military Carrying Out Coup to Reinstate Trump as President



Evangelical Christian minister Jeff Jansen, a self-proclaimed “prophet,” claims that former President Donald Trump is still the legitimate president and that the U.S. military is currently carrying out a coup to remove President Joe Biden from power.

A number of Christian pastors and so-called “prophets” predicted ahead of the 2020 election that Trump would win reelection, claiming that was God’s will. When that prophecy did not come to fruition, some apologized and admitted they were wrong. Others, like Jansen, have found creative ways to justify the current reality in the U.S.

“You have to realize what’s taken place in our nation has been a hostile takeover, and just because there was a fake inauguration [of Biden]…for optics and for posture, let them have their day in the sun,” Jansen, the founder of Global Fire Ministries International based out of Tennessee, said during a Tuesday episode of the Elijah Streams YouTube program. Right Wing Watch first reported Jansen’s remarks.

“It’s a tale of two presidents and right now in America—because President Trump has never conceded, he never agreed to anything, never stepped away, never conceded,” Jansen continued. “He basically stepped aside momentarily, while things are being sorted out.” The evangelical minister said Trump’s effort to stay in office by overturning the elections results in the court was stymied by “corrupt” courts and judges.

President Donald Trump raises his fist after speaking during a rally in Dalton, Georgia, on January 4. A number of Christian pastors and so-called “prophets” predicted ahead of the 2020 election that Trump would win reelection, claiming that was God’s will.

“The last defense is military. So the military, actually the military is in control right now,” Jansen said. “They’ve already made their determination. Now it’s about execution. Now it’s about returning civil power after the ‘we the people’ factor, the rightly, duly-elected president from this past election comes forward and exposes the corruption—there will be civil power restored in the United States,” he insisted. “And that president will be Donald J. Trump.”

Later in the interview, Jansen urged viewers to “watch what the Lord does,” but he predicted that things will move forward and Trump will be reinstated “by the end of April.”

The Liberty Buzz reached out to Jansen’s ministry for further comment but did not immediately receive a response.

Unlike Jansen, fellow self-described Christian “prophet” Jeremiah Johnson, formerly of Jeremiah Johnson Ministries, recently apologized and admitted he’d been wrong about Trump getting reelected. After addressing his mistake publicly in a series of YouTube videos, Johnson announced earlier this month that he was terminating his ministry. He also raised concerns about the prophetic movement within American Christianity.

“I believe that this election cycle has revealed how desperately we need reformation in the prophetic movement,” Johnson said in a video. “I have serious concerns for the charismatic-prophetic world that, if we do not wake up, if we do not humble ourselves, there is greater judgment to come.”

But Pastor Robin Bullock, who describes himself as working “heavily” in the prophetic realm, insisted this month that prophets could call back Trump “for three terms.”

“But you’re going to have to pray for the rightful president, whether he wants to walk back into this or not. You must pray that he wants to do it, because God won’t make him do anything. Is it his will? Yes. Is he the president? Yes. That’s why he could just walk right back in, and God will supernaturally move things out of the way,” he said.

White evangelical Christians have been a key base of support for Trump since his presidential campaign in 2016. Exit polls from the 2016 election showed about 8 in 10 white evangelicals voted for Trump, and the results were similar in 2020 with between 76 percent and 81 percent of the religious community saying they cast their vote for the former Republican president. Conservative Christians have long been aligned with the Republican Party, as they are often particularly concerned about curbing women’s reproductive rights and preventing the LGBTQ community from securing greater legal protections and civil rights.

Trump and many of his GOP allies have worked to foster the so-called Big Lie that he actually won the 2020 election. They have claimed that Biden and the Democrats “rigged” the election through widespread voter fraud. This extraordinary allegation is not supported by evidence.

Dozens of election lawsuits filed by Trump and his supporters have been rejected by state and federal courts, including by judges appointed by judges appointed by the former president and other Republicans. Former Attorney General William Barr, who was widely viewed as one of Trump’s most effective and loyal Cabinet members, said in early December that there was “no evidence” of widespread fraud that would change the election’s outcome. Similarly, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at the Department of Homeland Security, which was led by a Trump appointee, issued a statement shortly after the election in November describing it as “the most secure in American history.”



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