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Ember Cup 2 Review: Never Again Cold Drink Coffee



The Ember Mug 2 is the best thing to happen to our morning since we took our first sip of coffee. If you hate cold coffee, then we think you’ll love the Ember Mug 2 as much as we do. The battery-powered mug includes a heating element that keeps your coffee or tea at your perfect temperature.

Available in 10-ounce and 14-ounce sizes and an array of colors, the Ember Mug 2 is $99.95 for the 10-ounce model and $129.95 for the 14-ounce size. There are also metallic color options for the 10-ounce size.

We tested the larger Ember Mug 2, which matches the amount of coffee we drink, but both models are very similar in performance.

You can buy the Ember Mug 2 at Amazon, Ember, Apple, Best Buy and in-store at select Starbucks locations.

Is the Ember Mug 2 Worth Buying?

Charging coils on the bottom of the Ember Mug 2 recharge the mug when on the inclduded coaster.
Josh Smith

Cleaning the mug is easy since it is fully submersible up to a meter. It is hand-wash only, but it is easy to clean, and there are no stains on the white mug despite a lot of use and leaving coffee in it overnight at the end of a few hectic workdays.

The only two drawbacks to the Ember Mug 2 are that you can only hand wash and the plug for the coaster is quite large, so you can’t plug two of them into the same outlet on a counter. These are small drawbacks and both ones that aren’t dealbreakers.

Which Ember Mug 2 Should You Buy?

Unless you already use and love small coffee mugs, we recommend buying the Ember Mug 2 in the 14-ounce size. This is the perfect amount of coffee for one cup and since it stays warm, you’re going to actually finish the full cup.

If you need a travel mug, you should check out the Ember Travel Mug 2, which is a to-go version of this mug.

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