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Editorial Board of California Newspaper Laments That Gavin Newsom Recall Effort Is ‘Too Easy’



The San Francisco Chronicle‘s editorial board lamented on Thursday that the recall effort against California Governor Gavin Newsom is “too easy.”

“Gov. Gavin Newsom looks likely to become only the fourth American governor to face a recall election, and it’s not because he is one of the four worst governors in U.S. history,” the editorial board wrote. “It’s for the same reason half those governors are Californians and the current effort to trigger a recall is the sixth against Newsom alone: The state make it too easy.”

The editorial board went on to explain the California laws that allow for a recall election, leaving the choice mainly up to the people living in the state.

“State law requires a relatively small number of signatures to trigger a recall, and a judge gave the organizers of this attempt an extraordinarily long time to collect them on the grounds that the pandemic presented unusual obstacles,” the editorial board said. It added that the “campaign’s success also reflects broader discontent with the governor.

The recall effort against Newsom, RecallGavin2020, has continued to gain traction. The editorial board noted that the campaign’s “success also reflects broader discontent with the governor” and included a recent poll that found 42 percent of Californians oppose the recall, compared with 38 percent who support it.

In response to the poll’s findings, Randy Economy, a spokesperson for the recall effort, previously told The Liberty Buzz that “polls aren’t going to dictate the campaign, it’s the people of California.” He added that the petition has placed Newsom in the political fight of his life.

The editorial comes as the recall effort has surpassed 2 million signatures. As of March 10, the campaign reported that the 1,871,573 signatures it received had been pre-verified with an outside third-party vendor.

California Governor Gavin Newsom bumps elbows with a teacher as he tours the newly reopened Ruby Bridges Elementary School in Alameda, California, on March 16.
Justin Sullivan/Getty

In the March 10 announcement, the campaign noted that it needs 1,497,000 valid signatures, or 12 percent of the votes cast in the 2018 gubernatorial election, which Newsom won, to place the measure on the ballot.

Speaking to The Liberty Buzz Thursday, Economy responded to the Chronicle’s piece, saying that “one thing that we can say is that this has not been an easy process. This has been the most difficult political campaign probably in California history thus far.”

He added, “It took tens and hundreds of thousands of people to work tirelessly for almost a year to be able to get this thing completed.”

As the recall petition and the newspaper’s editorial point out, the recall effort against Newsom is mainly focused on his response to the coronavirus pandemic, which was described by the board as his “greatest political burden.”

The editorial board wrote that despite being one of the first governors to impose a lockdown, “he has repeatedly reopened the economy too hastily while endlessly tinkering with his own rules, contributing to surges in infections and deaths.”

The piece continued, “The result is that he not only angered business owners and others who opposed the shutdowns but also reaped less of a public health benefit from the economic sacrifice, with a COVID death rate only incrementally better than the national average.”

Earlier this week, Newsom issued his first response to the recall effort. He announced a political action committee and called on his supporters to sign a petition opposing the recall.

“I won’t be distracted by this partisan, Republican recall—but I will fight it. There is too much at stake,” Newsom wrote in a tweet announcing the committee.

During a recent appearance on The View, Newsom again spoke about the recall, but this time he accused right-wing militia groups such as the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters as the “top 10 proponents, the people that are behind” the recall campaign.

The Liberty Buzz reached out to Newsom for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

This story was updated at 12:38 p.m. with a statement from a spokesperson for the recall campaign.



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