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Dr. Scott Atlas Slams Media’s COVID Coverage: ‘These People Are Really Despicable’



Dr. Scott Atlas, an ex-member of former President Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, dismissed all “negative” information about the coronavirus pandemic as simply a deranged product of the “despicable” American news media.

Atlas, who was added to Trump’s White House pandemic team last August, blamed U.S. “media hysteria” at the time for seemingly “worsening” the pandemic that had already killed several hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Speaking with Gerard Baker, host of Fox Business Network’s WSJ at Large Friday, Atlas congratulated himself and the Trump administration for their efforts to produce vaccines and curb the virus. He once again blamed U.S. journalists and news outlets for being “90 percent” negative about any and all things coronavirus-related.

“The media has been severely destructive here, harmful. And, you know, they’re vicious, sick people. I’m sorry to say that about your profession, but these people are really despicable. It’s a disgrace really to be an American when you have a media like that failing to tell the truth. And you know that’s actually, you know, done in the data when you look at the articles,” Atlas said during his TV appearance.

“I think there’s something wrong here with our culture. It’s not just political because it’s continuing,” he added.

The former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center controversially opposed social distancing “lockdown” measures. He was also a staunch advocate of letting the virus spread to allow for “natural herd immunity,” or when a large portion of the community becomes immune to a disease as a result of exposure.

Despite Atlas’ past career in radiology, his critics have long accused of him of having zero knowledge about infectious diseases, particularly up against White House, National Institute of Health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Congressional investigators this week released emails and documents that showed Health and Human Services appointees, including Atlas, bragged to the White House about their efforts to influence and distort researchers’ reports on the effects of COVID-19. In one case revealed by the congressional investigation, a Trump official celebrated their ability to get a CDC report line changed to something more favorable to the White House’s stance. “Small victory but a victory nonetheless and yippee!!!” they wrote.

Atlas left his job at the White House in November of last year, after his special government employee contract of 130 days ran out.

The Liberty Buzz reached out to Atlas for any additional remarks Saturday afternoon.

Dr. Scott Atlas, a special adviser to President Donald Trump in regards to the coronavirus, announced his departure from the White House on Monday.
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