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Donald Trump Jr. Calls on GOP to Oppose Vaccine Passports or Quit



Donald Trump Jr. urged Republicans to vehemently oppose vaccine passports, calling the measure potentially the “greatest affront” on American freedoms in recent history.

President Joe Biden’s administration is leaving implementation of health passports up to the private sector and they’ve been rolled out in at least two cities. Health passports provide a way for people to digitally show their vaccination record or a negative health test and are being floated as a way of increasing capacity at social events.

COVID-19 vaccines and the potential for them to be required to participate in certain aspects of life have become highly polarized. Those in favor consider it a necessary means of keeping the public safe and incentivizing people to get vaccinated, while others see it as a breach of privacy and government overreach.

On Tuesday, Trump Jr. posted on Twitter that Republicans in office need to be “vocally and aggressively” opposing vaccine passports. If a GOP official isn’t, he said it “may be time to find another career.”

“This concept could be the greatest affront on our freedoms in recent history and if you don’t see that it’s a problem,” Trump Jr. wrote.

Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump, urged Republicans to oppose vaccine passports or consider another career. Trump Jr. speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference 2020 hosted by the American Conservative Union on February 28, 2020, in National Harbor, Maryland.
Samuel Corum/Getty Images

New York City implemented the Excelsior Pass, a health passport, in February and March during a Brooklyn Nets game and New York Rangers game. The mobile app is available to New Yorkers on a voluntary basis and it’s up to businesses and venues to decide if they’ll require it for entry.

There are two health passports circulating in Las Vegas, as well, and The Venetian is using it to try to expedite the return of conventions and trade shows. Venues are more focused on negative test results than proof of vaccinations and so far there’s no indication that resorts will refuse service to someone who isn’t vaccinated and doesn’t have a negative test result.

In Florida, where Trump Jr., recently purchased a home, Governor Ron DeSantis put the kibosh on vaccine passports. On Friday, he signed an executive order prohibiting businesses from requiring documentation about vaccination status and called it “completely unacceptable” for the government or businesses to impose the requirement.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott followed suit on Tuesday. He acknowledged that increased vaccinations allow Texans to return to normalcy and prevent hospitalizations and deaths, but confirmed that he believed they should be voluntary and “never forced.” Abbott issued an executive order that banned the government-mandated vaccine passports.

“Don’t tread on our personal freedoms,” Abbott said.



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