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20 Doctors Respond To Common Concerns About Flu Vaccine



Every fall people return to a familiar conversation: Should you get the flu shot? As flu season begins in the Northern Hemisphere, this question—along with other concerns—circulates among families, and in schools and workplaces. “I heard it isn’t as effective this year.” “I was told you should wait until it’s colder.” “My friend got a flu shot last year, and she had a fever afterward.”

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Flu and COVID-19 science

– Question: Was this year’s vaccine “phoned in” because scientists are working on COVID-19?
– Source: Josh Petrie, Ph.D.
– Answer: “No, the normal procedures for selecting vaccine virus strains and manufacturing vaccines have been in place. The World Health Organization (WHO) selected which virus strains to include in the Northern Hemisphere vaccine at the end of February, and vaccine manufacturers are projecting that they will have more doses available than in the past.”



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